• What I Do

    When you are really passionate about something, you want to share it with the world. My mission is to help you do exactly that. I provide services in editing, transcription, and epublishing, so that you can put your best foot forward and focus on the thing that really matters: bringing your message to life.

    I offer subject expertise in the following areas: history; music; gender, sexuality, and women's studies; education; travel; culinary arts; and fiction (including sic-fi, speculative fiction, fantasy, and urban fantasy). I also have experience in the legal, financial, and medical fields, and extensive experience editing academic work (including English as a Second Language).

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  • Publishing

    If you plan to self-publish, I can prepare your manuscript for publication on Amazon.com or Smashwords, or simply produce a PDF or ePub of your book. My e-publication services are best for manuscripts that do not require a lot of special formatting (such as fiction). If your work is very complex, you may want to consider a dedicated e-book formatter.

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    Editorial Services

    Click below to read more about the editing services I offer:

    - editing

    - transcription

    - writing & research

  • Our Publishing Process

    If you're an author without the time (or desire) to prepare your book for e-publishing, you're in the right place.

    I will look at a sample of your manuscript and work with you to determine the services and pricing that works best for you - choose a package from the list, or customize with just the services you need.


    e-Publishing Packages

    Includes formatting for 1 distributor, basic front & back matter
    Includes formatting for 2 distributors, proofreading, and: design of book cover OR written summary
    Includes formatting for 2 distributors, proofreading, design of book cover, AND written summary
  • I offer several different levels of editing:

    Marking only errors for correction: capitalization, spelling, punctuation, and formatting such as font, spacing, and overall appearance.
    Making small changes to improve style and readability, specifically: hyphenation, abbreviations, grammar, syntax, and usage.
    Line Editing
    Rewriting to improve style (repetitions, ambiguity) without impacting the author's voice, not editing the overall content or organization.
    Substantive or Developmental Editing
    Analyzing for plot holes or inconsistencies, the organization of the work, and/or recommending rewrites, additions, or deletion of paragraphs or lines to improve the work.


  • Transcription

    I offer transcription from both audio files, as well as typed transcription from handwritten notes or other material. Previous work has included: social science interviews, oral histories, law textbook dictation, law school lectures, and business interviews.

    A sample of the audio is required for an accurate price quote. Multiple speakers, static or other sound quality issues, complex jargon, and heavy accents will all increase the cost of your transcription. Transcripts may be done either verbatim or near-verbatim (e.g. omitting "um").


  • Writing & Research

    I offer writing and research support for academic, business, and personal projects of all kinds, EXCEPT writing assignments required for students in academic programs.

    I can fact-check the historical details in your novel, compile a chart with the national flags of every country in the world, find supporting articles for your news brief, write an article for your newsletter, write a short story based on a plot and characters you devise, help manage your social media, and many other projects.

    Contact me with a description of your project to get a quote.

  • Rates

    I prefer not to list my rates online, and here's why: every project is different. The specific services required, and the nature and timeline of the project, will impact the cost of each job. The fees for each project are negotiated individually with clients. Often, this will require seeing a sample of the work before I can give an accurate assessment.

    To see some sample rates, here is the compilation on the Editorial Freelancer's Association website: Editorial Rates



    1. Initial consultation is generally done via email. For local clients, an in-person meeting may be arranged.

    2. A deposit (usually 25% and no more than 50%) or periodic partial payments may be required for large projects.

    3. Payment may be made via PayPal, cashier's check, or business/personal check, and is due within 15 days of final invoice.

    4. I will never disclose client contact information or details of contracts. Titles of publications and names of corporate clients may appear online. Names of individuals will be used only with permission.

  • Selected Client List

    Zharmae Publishing Press [Spokane, WA]
    League of Creative Minds [Burlingame, CA]
    Hunt Weber, Inc. [San Francisco, CA]
    Kagin's, Inc. [Tiburon, CA]
    Spotflag, Inc. [San Francisco, CA]
    Growing Home Community Garden [San Francisco, CA]
    GLBT Historical Society [San Francisco, CA]
    Iron Horse Interactive [San Ramon, CA]
    Toy and Miniature Museum [Kansas City, MO]


    Trial Lawyer [Petaluma, CA]
    Financial Consultant [Guerneville, CA]
    Professor, History [Sonoma State University]
    Professor, Social Work [San Jose State University]
    Museum of Industry [Waltham, MA]

  • About Our Name

    The word requiem means "rest," and comes from the Latin phrase requiem aeternum dona eis Domine, which is translated as "grant them eternal rest, Lord." Usually described as music for the dead, these pieces are really for the living. They are written to express sorrow, hope, and anxiety about the human condition. These subjects are so universal and inspiring that over 2000 unique requiems have been composed since the 15th century. Naturally, not every work aspires to such lofty topics, but the aim of Requiem Publishing is to seek out similarly inspired people in the hopes that their work will inspire others for years to come.

    Of course, the name of the business comes from an intensely personal place as well. The logo is an expression of this; in the background are three musical notes. They are the first three notes of the soprano part of Brahms' "German Requiem," which I had the privilege of performing at age sixteen with over one hundred other singers and a professional orchestra. The Brahms Requiem is one of the most beautiful and evocative ever composed, the words coming not from the standard Latin liturgical requiem mass, but rather from passages of the Bible that Brahms found particularly meaningful. The experience of performing this piece inspired me in a way that nothing else ever had before. It set me on a lifelong path of pursuing my passions, seeking out new experiences that touch me the same way that the Requiem did.

    The search led me here, to Requiem Publishing, where I have the chance to support fellow seekers and students, as well as creators of new lives, new information, new works of art, new universes. I was lucky enough to perform the Brahms Requiem again in the winter before I started this business, and it reminded me of the eternal nature of human passion. With this venture, I hope to pay forward the debt owed to those who have inspired me along the way.

  • Amanda Kreklau

    Born and raised in Northern California, I began editing the academic papers of my peers in college and quickly moved on to academic publications, works of fiction, and editing for businesses. I am very passionate about social issues, especially the importance of memory and interpretation in society, and particularly love editing materials I feel make the world a better - or more entertaining - place.

    M.A. Museum Studies, Johns Hopkins University (2011)
    M.A. Cultural Production, Brandeis University (2009)
    B.A. History, Sonoma State University (2007)
    Graduate Coursework in History at University of Nebraska (2014) & Gender and Women's Studies at Western Kentucky University (2009)

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